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Why Us?

Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team

Dr. Sreelatha is a highly qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon with over two decades of excellence to her credit. She has practised under some of the most renowned names in the domain, both in India and abroad and brings first-hand experience of the most advanced procedures available from around the world. At the Silkee Laser Clinic and Research Institute, she heads a highly professional and competent team of surgeons who are highly responsive, easily accessible and completely understand and deliver on patient needs.

Holistic and transparent approach

Every procedure is discussed in detail with the patients and a proper plan is charted out based on individual needs and aspirations. A totally realistic and transparent approach without any compromise on the aesthetic sense ensures that patients get their every question answered, are completely aware of each step of the process and get the best results they seek.

Keen Aesthetic Sense

Liposuction techniques and cosmetic procedures have to be skilfully employed to ensure that the real medical and aesthetic benefit is transferred to clients. Being board certified, Dr.Sreelatha brings a wealth of medical and cosmetic expertise to all her activities, thereby delivering the best value to patients and providing beautiful, contoured and natural results.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

At the Silkee Laser Clinic and Research Institute, we offer world-class facilities for various procedures right in the heart of Chennai. The lasers and associated equipment used have been sourced from the most reputed manufacturers from around the world. While most procedures are ‘walk-in and walk-out’, we offer the best environment of class, comfort and luxury during your engagement with us. Attentive and trained nursing staff, lavish interiors and modern equipment ensures that you do not undergo a procedure but experience something ‘transformative’.

Absolute value for privacy

We respect any information you share with us and understand that it totally belongs to you. We understand your need for privacy and confidentiality at every step and offer a totally secure environment in our practises. It is our mission to offer the best to our clients in a setting they are most comfortable in!

What our patients say

Michael Angelo saw 'David' in a block of marble.Dr.Sreelatha envisions a beautiful human shape in every obese mass of human flesh she sees. She and her enthusiastic dedicated team work diligently towa...

Almas, Chennai 84

Dear Dr.sreelatha, (You are adorable, kind, understanding) I would like to thank you for explaining in detail about my treatment. The treatment is awesome, no words to describe. I literally had no ha...

, Chennai 8

Good luck to everyone here at the clinic. I am very happy with the result so far....


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