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Dr.Sreelatha M.B.B.S., M.Med.Sc.,(Cosmet) Ph.D (Prel)

Dr.Sreelatha is an American Academy certified and highly experienced cosmetic surgeon with over two decades of excellence to her credit. A diplomat and Certified Member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Sreelatha has undergone extensive training with some of the most reputed names in cosmetic surgery spanning USA, Europe & Asia pacific over years. In addition to the above, Dr Sreelatha is a research scholar on obesity and liposuction.These have given her a unique understanding of various perspectives and she has successfully used various procedures not only for achieving an aesthetic body appearance, but also to provide a good solution for seemingly unrelated issues such as joint pains and infertility.

The idea behind her cosmetic surgery clinic in Chennai is to share the benefits of her expertise with her countrymen and women. Dr.Sreelatha has an open discussion with all her patients to completely understand their needs and effectively guide them in achieving their aspirations.  Every little question is answered personally and ensuring that patients are absolutely comfortable at every step. Fat deposits are unique to every individual and hence, a detailed initial assessment is carried out. Patients are educated and a unique personalized strategy is formulated, and finally implemented, to deliver personalized results that are emotionally fulfilling, medically compliant and highly satisfactory.

Dr.Sreelatha regularly attends workshops and seminars around the world to be abreast with the latest developments and has also been invited as a keynote speaker in many institutions. She is also a Member of World Society of Antiaging Medicine, American Academic of Bariatric Physicians and International Mesotherapy Society. She is also amongst the few Indians who have trained in Robotic Hair transplantation directly under Dr. Pierre Bouhanna, a pioneer in hair transplantation.

With a state of the art clinic, bona fide results to show and a highly motivated team to support, she has thus ensured that benefits of cosmetic procedures are passed on to all.

Dr. Sreelatha specializes in arm reduction, shaping, sculpting, and breast reduction & lifting using laser technologies. The surgery leaves no visible scars and the procedure will be done in one session without General anesthesia. She is the Co-author of the book titled "A ROYAL HIGHWAY TO HEALTH AND FITNESS" that espouses the cause of Health promotion as defense against disease promotion which is prevalent in the society.

Dr.SP.Murugappan M.D., D.P.M.,

Dr. SP. Murugappan is a senior physician and psychiatrist, heads the operations of the center. He is one of the co-authors of the book "A ROYAL HIGHWAY TO HEALTH AND FITNESS" , published original research papers on Depression, relating to low productivity and the role of depression in many physical illnesses. It has been promoting the cause of Health promotion as a proactive step for better health parameters.

Prof. R. Arunadevi M.D., D.M.,

Formerly, she is the Professor of Dermatology, Madras Medical College. She trained 100s of post graduates in Dermatology by continuing her service over three decades, and also gifting her experience for patient welfare at Silkee Cosmetology center.

Dr. V.M. Raj Mohan M.S., D.N.B., Plastic surgeon.

Dr. Raj Mohan specializes in various reconstructive surgeries and hair transplantation by FUT and FUE methods.

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Dear Dr.sreelatha, (You are adorable, kind, understanding) I would like to thank you for explaining in detail about my treatment. The treatment is awesome, no words to describe. I literally had no ha...

, Chennai 8

Lucky enoughto get in touch with right people for right sevice. Excellent people and very knowledgeable. Thank you for the service. Would recommend positively to others...

Shadab, Chennai

Thank you Dr for giving me confident on weight reduction. In spite of my daughter in law advice I came here on my husband wish. Now she is also very confident and happy that I am losing weight systema...

S P Bagyalaskhmi, Chennai 96

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