Hair Loss Prevention & Treatment

Hair Loss Prevention & Treatment

The best Hair Loss Prevention Treatment in Chennai

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Hair Loss Prevention & Treatment

Hair loss, though often attributed to heredity and stress, has other reasons as well. Some of them include vitamin B and mineral deficiencies, pollution, dramatic weight loss causing trauma, medications, hormonal imbalance and the like. The effect of hair loss on morale can be huge and oftentimes raises so many questions and unsolicited advice from a variety of quarters.

The idea is to take action immediately to prevent further damage. But what exactly needs to be done, when the best of oils, lotions and imported creams fail? This is where the hair loss prevention and treatment in Chennai by Silkee comes in.

Our exclusive root therapy sessions ensure that the right nutrients are supplied to the hair follicles, thereby stimulating their growth naturally. This ensures permanent results for hair loss and has zero side effects. By revitalizing the individual follicles, general strengthening of hair is also promoted. As a matter of fact, the amount spent for root therapy is negligible when compare to the other external application options such as like oils, creams and lotions.

Under the expert care of Dr.Sreelatha, you get a customised treatment that is tailored according to your present needs and condition. By means of this innovative hair loss prevention and treatment, that is one of its kind in Chennai, you not only get your morale and confidence backā€¦but the ability to permanently say good bye to a constant source of tension.

What our patients say

Thank you Dr for giving me confident on weight reduction. In spite of my daughter in law advice I came here on my husband wish. Now she is also very confident and happy that I am losing weight systema...

S P Bagyalaskhmi, Chennai 96

HI Mam, First and foremost I should thank the almighty for showing me a wonderful person (YOU) to overcome my problems. I was really taken by the way you spoke to me, mam on the first day of my appoin...

Dr.Bharanija, Chennai 107

Dr.Sreelatha is a gem of a person, very patient, understanding, friendly approach, absolute sweet heart. Gave me the confidence to proceed with the treatment.Staff at the centre is very caring and hel...

Thomas, Chennai

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