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With modern, fast-paced lifestyle, it is becoming increasingly difficult to lose weight and get back to shape. Even those with lean frames tend to put on weight due to sedentary habits and the ‘one-touch-gives-it-all’ mind frame we are in. By the time individuals wake up to the actual physical state they are in, they are already obese and incapable of heavy exercise. Brutal as it may seem, obesity is often the root cause of many subsequent health problems including heart attacks. Further self-esteem can take a big hit, leading to depression and loss of confidence. This is especially pertinent for men as many aspire to flaunt a muscular frame, but are simply pushed to a corner because of the lack of time. Crash dieting and heavy exercise are not always viable given the busy lifestyle, heavy commuting times and the absolute lack of good workout facilities close at hand. Regardless of the method tried, sometimes, it is just so daunting to get the weight down.

The 'Silkee' Touch

This is where the benefits of laser liposuction come in. Silkee offers the best laser liposuction facilities in Chennai in an absolutely relaxed setting. All treatments are under the direct supervision of Dr.Sreelatha, a board certified cosmetic surgeon and medical practitioner with over 2 decades of deep expertise and service finesse. While many slimming clinics seek to paint unrealistic scenarios and offer a one-size-fits-all approach, Dr.Sreelatha offers a customised one-to-one program that seeks to completely understand your explicit, implicit, aesthetic and all-round needs. Thus a safe and far-reaching solution is formulated and the best laser liposuction treatment given.

How does laser liposuction work?

The method of working of laser liposuction is as follows:

A small needle incision is made in an area where it will not be visible. A laser fibre is inserted in this needle hole and the laser is used to melt the fat. The melted fat is collected in a bottle and disposed. 

Advantages of Laser Liposuction offered by Dr. Sreelatha

  • A safe and effective solution to obesity problems
  • Guaranteed results that are almost immediately visible.
  • No fat blobs and unevenness, especially around the waist area.
  • 100% safe and non-aggressive.
  • No hospitalization required, no stitches and sutures, no scars.
  • Suitable for diabetics and senior citizens as well.
  • Skin tightens by itself as the procedure is performed. Hence, no sagging skin or post-procedure unflattering look.
  • Zero trauma to tissues.
  • No blood transfusion is necessary.
  • 100% FDA approved procedure.


  • What is laser liposuction?
    It is removing fat thro’very small (2-3 mm- the size of refill tip) hole by laser.
  • Is hospitalization required?
    No. After the procedure, the patient can walk and go home.
  • Does it involve administering local anesthesia?
    No. During the procedure, the patient is awake. It is done under tumescent anaesthesia, a mild local Anesthesia.
  • Is it safe?
    Yes. Both the operation and anaesthesia are safe in experienced hands. This form of anaesthesia is Accepted as a gold standard for cosmetic surgeries and laser liposuction because of its highest Safety report and patient comfort.
  • Are there any side effects or complications?
    No systemic complications have been reported so far anywhere. Side effects if any like bruising and Swelling are self limiting and resolve by themselves. Side effects do not require any treatment.
  • How many days it takes to return to normal activity?
    As it is a minute 2 mm hole, it closes by itself and there is no suture. The scar will not be visible and Incision will be made in such a location.
  • Will there be visible scars or sutures?
    A day after or within 1 ½ days.
  • What is the mechanism?
    Laser fibre measuring less than 1 mm (600 microns) is passed thro the needle hole. The Laser melts The fat and liquefied fat is sucked and collected in a bottle.
  • Will there be weight loss?
    There will not be any weight loss immediately but the size reduction will be obvious. There will be a Circumferential reduction of the concerned body part. Slow and steady weight reduction follows.
  • Any need to wear compression garments?
  • Is there any need for revisit or will there be recurrence?
    Occasionally one may need a final touch up after one month which will be done externally . No Recurrence.
  • Will there be sagging skin?
    No. Skin gets tightened simultaneously. Major advantage of laser liposuction is in skin shrinkage and Skin contraction immediately after the procedure
  • How does it differ from conventional liposuction?
    1. 1. Quick recovery time
    2. 2. Skin tightening
    3. 3. Assured Safety and side effects profile
    4. 4. No hospitalization and local anesthesia
    5. 5. Result: Even skin surface
    6. 6. Less traumatic than conventional.
    7. 7. Minimal blood loss
    8. 8. No compression garment wearing for1- 1 ½ months.
  • What are the areas of its use?
    1. 1. For removing excess fat in
      Saddle bags
      Love handles
      Back rolls
    2. 2. For body shaping and contouring
    3. 3. Breast reduction and breast lift; gynaecomastia in men
  • How many sessions are required?
    1-2 sessions of about 2 hours may be required depending on the area and initial fat level
  • Can laser liposuction be done for patients with other illnesses like BP, heart diseases etc?
    Yes. Even old patients above 65 who have undergone bye pass surgery undergo laser liposuction Safely. It is some kind of ‘load shedding’ to make the life comfortable to breathe easily, to relieve the Great strain on the knee joints and to move out from the bed. This is purely for medical reasons as a Therapeutic process.
  • Is there any age limit and gender specific?
    No. There is no age limit. Both men and women at any age undergo the procedure comfortably without added risks.
  • Is it FDA approved and performed by trained professionals?
    Yes. It is FDA approved and performed by Dr. Sreelatha, a senior Professional, qualified and trained In handling the laser equipments in several facilities abroad.
  • What are the Prime advantages of laser Liposuction?
    The advantage of Laser liposuction lies in the fact that it is a procedure where general liposuction is not needed that does away with the anaesthetic risk everyone dreads about. You are comfortably awake, alert watching the surgery . General anaesthesia has been done away with in laser liposuction. Tumuescent anaesthesia ( a form of diluted local anaesthesia) is the gold standard in laser liposuction. Even patients who are otherwise unfit for surgery and anaesthesia due to major illnesses like heart disease etc withstand and recover well when laser liposuction is done under local anaesthesia.
    1. 1. Laser liposuction being a slower, gentle procedure takes long duration lasting hours . There is no place for speed as at every point the fat has to get heated up to melt before being sucked out. Even a minor procedure like gynaecomastia takes minimum 11/2 hours while abdomen takes 2 1/2- 31/2 hours or even longer sessions.
    2. 2. Simultaneous skin tightening is another major advantage which causes natural skin firming up by stimulating the natural process.
  • How do we know that laser is being used for liposuction and not other methods?
    As you are awake, you will notice the thin fiber measuring less than 1 mm emitting bright red light at the end which is passed in and drawn out continuously. This is an experience and do not require any explanation.
  • What is the best way to remove body fat?
    Accompanying chart will reveal what to choose!

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