Questions You Wanted To Ask
Questions You Avoided Answering;
Wrong Answers You Believed Right,
Because Right Persons Told You So

A Royal Highway to Health & Fitness
For Your Hale and Hearty Living!


Who should read this book?

About This Book

This is not a book of treatment or diseases

This is not a book on diet

This is a book on prevention

This is a book on health & fitness

This is a book by experienced doctors.

Objective of this Book

This book bursts the common myths responsible for diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases etc.
Reveals the facts on fats and food.

Outline of the Book


  1. What is health?
  2. What is stress?
  3. What is mind?
  4. What are the three states of mind?
  5. What is subconscious?
  6. What is the role of the mind in health and disease?
  7. What is body mind language?
  8. How does the mind status affect the body?
  9. What is quantum mind?
  10. What is the brain made of?
  11. What factors decide health status?
  12. What are the Laws of Nature?
  13. What are the fat types?
  14. What is obesity?
  15. What type of disorder is obesity?
  16. Who are at risk of obesity?
  17. What is BMI?
  18. Who is lean? Do they need to gain weight?
  19. Why we become fat with aging?
  20. Why do we age prematurely?
  21. How to slow aging?
  22. How sleep affects health?
  23. What are the ideal sleeping conditions?
  24. Why men and women differ in fat deposits?
  25. Why some men have big breast?
  26. Why men have big tummy?
  27. What is visceral fat?
  28. What is brown fat? What is white fat?
  29. What are the trouble spots in fat?
  30. Why women get big arms, thunder thighs, cellulite, spare tyres, and saddle bags?
  31. What is the difference between cholesterol and body fat?
  32. How do vegetarians get cholesterol and body fat if there is no cholesterol in the vegetables?
  33. How do you treat these different conditions?
  34. What roles do hormones play in obesity?
  35. What are hormones?
  36. What is the role of insulin and leptin in weight gain and weight loss?
  37. What is death hormone, youth hormone, growth hormone, happy hormone?
  38. What are the roles of sex hormones in aging and weight gain?
  39. What are the roles of environment in aging and health?
  40. How to restore the hormonal balance when it is lost?
  41. What are the myths on fats?
  42. How bad are the refined oils?
  43. What are the oils not to be used for cooking, deep frying?
  44. What is Chinese stir frying?
  45. What is the advantage of Chinese stir frying?
  46. What is the choice of oils to be used in cooking in the order of preference?
  47. Why refined oils or any other refined food items should not be used?
  48. What are processed foods?
  49. What are transfats?
  50. Is it possible to get processed foods without transfats?
  1. Why starch, rice, and wheat should not be consumed in large quantities?
  2. Why maida, breakfast cereals, fruit juices, high sugary drinks, aerated colored drinks, pure white refined foods are poisonous?
  3. What are weight loss foods?
  4. What are the specific fruits and vegetables to be consumed for weight loss?
  5. How to reduce sugar, cholesterol?
  6. Why and what spices & condiments are good for health?
  7. How coconut oil, palm oil and butter are good?
  8. Can butter, ghee and egg be taken without any risk?
  9. Saturated fats are not bad. How and why?
  10. What is the ideal proportion of food macronutrients?
  11. Do the fats heal or kill?
  12. What are fats? Why fats are essential for life?
  13. Why do we need fats?
  14. What kind of fats heal?
  15. How do we find good fats?
  16. What are the major diseases caused by inadequate fats?
  17. What is cholesterol? What is bad cholesterol?
  18. Is Cholesterol good or bad?
  19. Is it necessary to reduce cholesterol?
  20. How to reduce cholesterol without medicines?
  21. Is it true that cholesterol lowering tablets are not essential?
  22. Can weight be reduced by starving or prolonged dieting?
  23. Is it advisable to reduce weight drastically fast?
  24. Why the weight regains after losing?
  25. What are the reasons for failure in weight loss procedures?
  26. What are the criteria for successful weight loss programme?
  27. How effective is dieting?
  28. What are the dieting methods?
  29. What surgical procedures for weight loss are available? How good are they?
  30. What is an exercise? What is fitness?
  31. What is aerobics?
  32. What is anaerobics?
  33. What is the difference between aerobics and anaerobics?
  34. What are the ways to lose weight?
  35. What is a 3D exercise?  Can anyone do?
  36. What is HIIT?
  37. Do 3D or HIIT exercises need any special training?
  38. What are the recent policies, advice and discoveries on fats and cholesterol in diet?
  39. How do you avoid plateaus, adaptations, failures during weight loss?
  40. Is there any procedure that suits all?
  41. What are the good, bad and ugly factors of our foods?
  42. How important are magnesium and Vitamin D for health?
  43. Why all processed foods are bad? How?
  44. Why HFCS is bad? How?
  45. Why refined products are not to be used as food?
  46. What is the most common inflammatory food? Why?
  47. What are the pros and cons of bariatric surgery?
  48. What are the roles of meditation, yoga and stretching in health?
  49. What is ‘My plate’ proportion of foods to be taken?
  50. What is the advised daily intake of carbs, starches on daily basis?
  51. Is there any simple formula for health & fitness?
  • and more ………………
All these questions are answered by experts!

About Author


Dr.SP.Murugappan M.D., D.P.M.,

Dr. SP. Murugappan is a senior physician and psychiatrist, heads the operations of the center. He is one of the co-authors of the book "A ROYAL HIGHWAY TO HEALTH AND FITNESS", published original research papers on Depression, relating to low productivity and the role of depression in many physical illnesses. He has been promoting the cause of Health as a proactive step for better health parameters.


Dr.Sreelatha M.B.B.S., M.Med.Sc.,(Cosmet) Ph.D (Prel)

Dr.Sreelatha is an American Academy certified and highly experienced cosmetic surgeon with over two decades of excellence to her credit. A diplomat and Certified Member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Sreelatha has undergone extensive training with some of the most reputed names in cosmetic surgery spanning USA, Europe & Asia pacific over the years.

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